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[Press Release] Muon Otonashi New song released in M3autumn! Reservation starts from CD10 / 23

■The long-awaited new song!

"Virtual Singer Muon Otonashi" will release a new song on October 31st. Muon Otonashi's 12th original song "Self Pride". Produced by "Farthest" to which Mr. Ikemoto, who was in charge of the guitar at the time of the first one-man live, belongs! A duet song that will be a confrontation between teachers and pupils who sang hot and violently with Mr. Aroma Terra P, who is the master of Muon Otonashi, as a vocalist! The lyrics, which describe how to overcome the conflicts of the hearts hidden in each of them and move forward powerfully to tomorrow, are finished in a fight song that boosts the back.

■release information

There are two types of releases.

CD version and digital version. The CD version can be purchased at "Local Sales" and Farstest's "Booth Mail Order" at the sound / media mix douujinshi convention "M3" to be held on October 31st. The CD version includes "Muon Otonashi's autographed card" as a first-time benefit.

The digital version can be purchased at various stores such as iTunes Store and Spotify and subscribed.

The price is 1,000 yen (tax included), and the CD version with special benefits is definitely a great deal.

CD reservation (reservation starts from 10/23!)

Farthest Booth: https://farthest.booth.pm/items/3344376

Digital version (Sales start from 10/31!)

Store link: https://linkco.re/yAt9EBSU

M3 (held at Tokyo Ryutsu Center on October 31!)

http://www.m3net.jp/ Farstest @ M3-2021 Autumn [S-04]

Music credit


Onoga Pride






Muon Otonashi / AromateraP

​Produced by





Virtual Shirokuma

■Artist information

Awakening Inner Force! Thunderbolt DIVA! [Muon Otonashi]

Official Site:https://www.otonashi6on.com


YouTube Channel:https://www.youtube.com/otonashi6on


Awaken your inner power! Kasumi no Diva! "Muon Otonashi"

Her black hat, black mask, and subculture style with lots of pierced earrings made her debut in September 2018 as a virtual singer of a different kind. She will release an original song every month in 2020 with the concept of "I want to sing a song that touches your heart".

She made her radio debut on InterFM's radio show "VTuber music DJ's #VMDJ" in June 2020, and introduced her new song on the same show in September. In November, she featured Muon Otonashi, and many people listened to her songs. In July, she performed at the Akihabara Entasu band event "#ENTASLIVE", which made the venue exciting.

Her latest song "Die Another Day" won first place in the iTunes Store Japanese metal category!

At her live band 1st one-man live "Rokuon Infinity" held on 6/9 (Rock Day), which is her own birthday, the venue was united with rock singing on the powerful sound of the live band. Show a live performance! The 2nd one-man live will be held on the VR stage on June 27th of the same month!

A live performance by VICON was realized at the idol festival "TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2021" held on 10 / 1-2-3!

With her live as the main axis of her activities, she creates music and aims to realize a live tour.


Aiming to produce music of various genres that are passionate, painful, and full of emotion, mainly for rock.

A truck maker by Ikemoto and Sho!

Official Site: https://farthestofficial.tumblr.com/

・ Ikemoto

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IKMT_cat

Youtube: https://t.co/sSsRe3W19h

Nico Nico Douga: https://www.nicovideo.jp/user/14614935/mylist/17989015

・ Yuki

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YUKI_DSTC_Arc

Youtube: https://t.co/RZuuas0oR4

Nico Nico Douga: https://www.nicovideo.jp/user/25891333/mylist/60530188


Muon Otonashi's song master and vocal training teacher. The lesson video consisting of 11 episodes, which is a bit different from the so-called Vocal pedagogy, is popular!

Vocal training (11 episodes in total):


Viritual Shirokuma

Operates "6on Projects", an artist activity of Muon Otonashi. Expanding the apparel brand "6on." With a focus on music activities! Many productions such as video production of Virtual events! Also active as a 3DCG artist!

Twitter: https://twitter.com/469ma_max

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Person in charge: Virtual Shirokuma

E-Mail: info@chihiro.me